Finally, some really good Korean food in Taiwan.

Living in Taiwan has limited me from my favorite cuisines compared to living back in the States. Being Korean I need my kimchi when I get that craving, but it’s been a challenge finding a decent place to hit that spot dead on. Today, I happened to see a spot while driving back home. The sign said, “KOREAN CUISINE”…it was as if the sign was daring me to come and try. I guess ever since I moved to Taiwan I have been an ambassador of Korean-American goodwill, as well as the “Simon Cowell” of judging what is good and what is bad Korean food. I take it upon myself to try to eat at every “Korean” restaurant that I cross in Taiwan and give my stamp of approval (which has been rare) or my tears of pain, suffering, disapproval at the poor attempt of what the restaurant has tried to call “Korean” food.

I can happily say, today I have found my favorite Korean restaurant in Danshui, Taiwan. They don’t have an English name and I didn’t notice if they had written down a Korean name, but the name of the restaurant in Chinese is 淡水韓定食. How did a Korean-American just type out those Chinese characters…it’s called cut and paste babyyyyy…hahaha. The owners are actually Koreans from Korea. You might think this is not a big deal, but it is. Let me extrapolate, almost 99% of the ” Korean” restaurants in the Taipei area or Northern part of Taiwan are owned and operated by Chinese Koreans (meaning ethic Chinese who grew up and lived in Korea). You might think that because they grew up in Korea that their palettes would have a pure Korean flavor. I have come to understand that they know what real Korean food tastes like, but they actually have a preference to their Chinese version. Nothing wrong with that, but because a lot of these places are also run by people who might not be really good at cooking it creates a lose lose situation. Not only does the food taste not that great, but it also doesn’t taste like authentic Korean food. 淡水韓定食, taste like authentic Korean food. The owners are 2nd generation restauranteurs from Pusan, Korea. From the first bite to the last it was enjoyable…it was mah she suh!!! You probably want pictures and know what I ate, but honestly I was too busy eating to think about taking pictures. So next week when I go back I will try to remind myself to take pictures and food notes to post.

Until Next Time…Ahn Young!!!

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